Not sure what time period to choose, let's see how we calculate the time. If you have a design you want to make but you are sure how to choose, you can first send us your photo and the design picture you want, and the customer service or DM Instagram @saltnails.cccc will inform you of the appropriate time period.


Our price is determined by time because everyone's nail condition is different, some damaged nail repair will take more time, so it is very fair to the nail artist and the customer. And if you apply for the short extension, medium extension and long extension require different times.

Our starting price is 60CAD, no matter what time period our manicure time is 40-50 minutes, generally plain color or simple design, such as small accessories on two nails, or popular cat-eye gel design, or Simple doodle, you should choose 90mins.

120 minutes is our popular design, such as colorful French, ombre, multi-color gradient, marble design, popular aurora powder and accessories, and some mixed designs.

If you need to extend your nails, please choose a design of at least 150mins. We will make the nail extension method most suitable for you according to your nail situation. Usually, you can choose a plain color design or a simple nail design at this time.

We will charge a fee for each removal service, 10 CAD for normal gel removal, and 20 CAD for the extension removal. Because even with a vacuum system, the manicurist will inhale a lot of dust every time during the nail removal service. We hope you understand why we charge the fees.

Please ensure that you include a removal service when you booking, We do not take a deposit temporarily.

If you wanna cancel your appointment, please contact us at least 24 hours before your appointment.

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